Vollan Oil is a full service, family-owned company located only 7 short miles North of Sioux Falls on Cliff Ave. Our services include 24 hour blender pumps, bulk delivery, vehicle service, and car sales.

At our 24 hour blender pumps we offer unleaded gas, diesel, ethanol blends of E10, E20, E30, and our very competitively priced E85.

For bulk delivery, we offer unleaded gas and ethanol blends from E10 to E85 and anywhere in between. On and Off Road diesel is available, as well as, #1 or #2 fuel. Biodiesel at any blend rate from B2 to B100 is also available. You can contact us for your home heating oil needs. Finally, for the racers around the area, we offer our E98 blend.

We also deliver Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tanks directly to your business.

Vollan oil prides its business on quality product and prompt delivery. We are on time, every time, and very competitively priced. Contact us today for your personal, farm, and commercial fuel needs.

We also provide a convenience store which includes:

  • Coffee/Capucchino/Hot Chocolate

  • Pizza

  • Hot Sandwiches

  • Hot Dogs

  • Breakfast foods

  • Popcorn

  • Bottled Beverages

  • Snacks

  • Frozen Treats

  • Auto Supplies